Fear of Success

The fear of success can seem strange. Why should we be afraid of achieving our goals? Why is it that as we get closer to our goals, a sudden phenomena occurs…  a sudden anxiety and fear of the accompany success:

  • Attract attention
  • Having critics
  • Having to face unexpected hurdles or new challenges.
  • Worry about small mistakes
  • What if it all comes crashing down?
  • What if you mess up and others will call you out for it?

This fear can stand in your way to success and sometimes lead to self-sabotage. So, how can you overcome it?

How to overcome fear of success

1. Use positive self-talk

Fears are not reality. This is the truth. No matter great your fear it is more often than now, a fabrication of your anxieties.

Focus on the positives – your abilities and achievements. Remember that it is possible for things to go wrong, but what if they don’t? And even things go wrong, what makes you think you won’t be able to handle it? Challenge these negative thoughts with a positive spin on them.


2. Look out for opportunities

Fear of success prevents you from seeing possibilities. So many wonderful opportunities can be missed because of this fear. Look over practical solutions that can help you. Perhaps there are tools, opportunities, or people around you that could help you reach your goal? Take a good look and make sure you are taking advantage of all the opportunities around you.


3. Do it anyway

Fake it till you make it – take action as if the fear wasn’t there, and keep working for the things you want. It can be challenging, but there is no better way to face a fear than head-on. You might surprise yourself and do better than you ever expected.


4. Share

The fear of success can be overcome with the support and help of others. Others have been where you are, so seek out their guidance and draw from their experience. Talk to your friends and loved ones about your doubts and ask for their emotional support on this journey. (Just be watchful of their own doubts don’t deter you from your journey). Talking to the RIGHT TYPE of people, can help alleviate your fears of success.


5. Keep your eye on the mountain

Even if there are perfectly plausible reasons for your fears, remind yourself of what you want to get in the end and how much you value it. Whether you are looking for financial stability, recognition, a solution to a problem, or any other thing, it can serve to motivate you despite the fears you might have.



6. Stay in "the now"

If you need to prepare, you can prepare, but there is no reason to become consumed with worries about the future or find reasons not to do things based on the past. Keep your mind anchored to the here and now, doing what you can to improve your situation and bring success closer.


7. Plan

No successful person ever moved consistently forward without a plan. Focusing on this can help you feel in control, break down masterplans into doable steps, and alleviate the anxiety of thinking the goal is “too big”. There’s no such thing as too big! You can do anything you put your mind to.


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