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How do you resolve emotional issues, fear of success, relationship barriers and the very many factors that ruin your life? In our journey together, I will help you discover the root of such life-long barriers, and counsel you through practical solutions to resolve it.

Natalia Chapman
Transformational Coach

Originally from the Ukraine, Natalia came to the UK over 20 years ago and is now settled in East Grinstead, Sussex. She was a operating theatre nurse and then began a career over 5 years ago as a property investor in the UK. Embarked upon her own personal development journey, Natalia discovered the transformative power of growth and self-discovery, thus began the burning passion to empower others. 

Areas Of Expertise

Natalia helps clients with a huge array of personal problems and relationship conflicts. 

Featured Articles

Fear of success

The fear of success can seem strange. Why should we be afraid of achieving our goals? Why is it that as we get closer to our goals, a sudden phenomena occurs…

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